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BECAUSE your hormones are out of whack and the artificial drugs the prescription happy doctors put you on only make it worse!

Dear PCOS sufferer,

I'm Dr. Rajesh Nair and I have helped women all over the world... ...finally put an end to their nagging symptoms of PCOS.


With a completely natural, purely safe blend of rare herbs proven to relieve PCOS symptoms and give YOU your life back.

First, let me give you some background on Ayurveda (pronounced, 'aa-yer-vay-da' and means the Science of Life).

The Ayurveda healing system is the oldest on the planet, with the earliest discoveries originating 10,000 years ago in India.

Ayurveda is an all-natural approach using herbs, balanced eating, soothing treatments and encouraging patients to embrace a new harmonious lifestyle.

The therapies are safe, effective and usually work fast. Best of all, compared to traditional medicine, they are very inexpensive.


Ayurveda treats the cause of PCOS, not the symptoms.

The cause of PCOS has to do with insulin resistance that throws your body into a vicious cycle, causing PCOS and other problems.

The diagram below illustrates YOUR insulin resistance.

Eat Food
Food becomes glucose in the blood
Pancreas secrete Insulin
Cells are insulin resistant, the efficiency is very low.
So glucose not absorbed.
Cells still dot't have energy,
so you feel hungry. Eat more Food
Excessive blood glucose are not absorbed by the cell
So more insulin is produced causing increased testosterone
and cholesterol. Excessive glucose stores as fat that reduces
your energy level and puts you at risk for diabetes.

PCOS Relief fixes insulin resistant cells with natural digestive enzymes that flush away fat deposits.

How insulin resistance causes ALL your problems!

Taking prescription estrogen drugs or pain relievers will only mask the symptoms of PCOS. These do little to deal with the root problem and often leave you in worse shape. In fact, some of the side effects of prescription drugs are irreversible.

My PCOS Relief uses a proprietary blend of rediscovered herbs to treat the cause of PCOS -hormonal imbalances.

YOUR PCOS symptoms GONE FOR GOOD with the astonishing power of these pure Ayurvedic herbs from the Himalayas and Western Ghat in India...

...as tablets, powders, syrups and capsules
to balance your hormones and blood sugar
so you can banish PCOS forever!

Punarnava: The word punarnava literally means, one which renews the body. Punarnava helps maintain efficient kidney function, with its diuretic, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory action. It is a very useful herb in treating edema in the body cells. It has specific action in pubic area and uterus.
Bilwa: This tree has anti-bilious, antiparasitic, antipyretic, aphrodisiac, aromatic, alterative, astringent, digestive, stomachic, stimulant, tonic, and laxative properties. The leaf juice is reported to be effective in helping control insulin resistance.
Kulatha is an excellent source of iron and molybdenum, to help with mental alertness, maintain fertility, prevent tooth decay and is essential for blood sugar balance. The natural iron providing property is used in PCOS Relief.
Eranda has a sweet post digestive effect and a hot potency. It pacifies abdominal discomfort, constipation, inflammation, fever, ascites, bronchitis, cough, skin diseases, colic and lumbago. It's a known anti inflammatory.
Sahachara plant helps with skin diseases, impotency and diabetes. It is a detoxifier and blood purifier.
Agnimandha plant helps with nerve pain, arthritis, indigestion, constipation, rhinitis, fever, hemorrhoids and tumors. It's also used for the treatment of obesity.

My special blend of these powerful healers from nature, plus other long ignored ingredients are...

...producing tremendous results

  • Pain gone within days
  • Shrinking of ovarian cysts
  • Weight disappearing
  • Regular cycles
  • Balanced emotions
  • Happier life

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Dr. Nair, I want to finally put
an end to my PCOS and
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30 Day FREE TRIAL Acceptance Form


Dr. Nair, I want to finally put
an end to my PCOS and
start enjoying life again.

Please RUSH my FREE 30 day supply of your PCOS Relief and I only have to pay shipping and handling to get the help I'm looking for.

Includes FREE online consultation with eminent holistic healer,
Dr. Rajesh Nair.

Your payment is tax deductible if PCOS Relief
is used to treat a medical condition.
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100% All-Natural Herbal Remedy Helps Reverse PCOS And The Nightmarish Symptoms Of...
Irregular menstrual cycles
Horrible pattern hair loss
Runaway weight gain
Inability to conceive
Unsightly facial hair
Painful bloating

Take the Free Trial of my ancient herbal blend proven for thousands of years as Natures Hormonal Helper

Eminent holistic healer, Dr. Rajesh Nair, BA MS of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery from prestigious Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College of University of Calicut, specializes in work related stress, women's issues, diabetes, pcos, arthritis, male and female sexual problems and infertility.
   Over the years he has continued to uncover previously lost herbal remedies to deliver natural, safe healing.
   His pioneering work has been published in such leading publications as Vaidya and Live Journal.
   Often he is an invited speaker at the Ayurveda Centre, Hockenheim, Germany and has led numerous seminars for the Ayurveda Medical Association of India.
   Dr. Nair feels too many women needlessly suffer from the symptoms of PCOS or worse, endure harmful side-effects of expensive drugs, and has worked to rediscover time-tested herbal remedies to give women the sustained relief from PCOS so they can reclaim their lives.

"Lost 61 pounds..."

Hello Dr. Rajesh, I hope you are doing well. I ordered the PCOS package to get rid of my insulin resistance, obesity, and facial hair. The problems I was suffering were facial hair, coldness all the time, dry hair that is shedding from the crown of my head, obesity, fatigue, low energy, dry skin on my hands and legs, large stomach, cravings for sweets, and brittle finger nails. I also had pretty severe cramps when I do get my cycle. Now I am satisfied with your supplements as facial hairs gone, I've lost 61 pounds and now we are trying for a baby. Take care and have a pleasant day.

-Juanita Davis


Age old Ayurvedic medicines are effective in treating PCOS with no side effects...

...as reported in clinical study by
Dr. Meena Chimote M.D.; DNB (Obstetrics-Gynecology) conducted at Vaunshdhara Clinic Nagpur, India -in a study titled... Efficacy of herbal formulation (HYPONIDD) in the management of anovulatory PCOS women: A comparison with metformin.

According to a report by ABC News...

...celebreties such as supermodel Christy Turlington, believes so much in Ayurveda that she created a skincare company based on it's principals. Stars like Madonna and Goldie Hawn also practice the basics of Ayurveda.

"Now I am ovulating and the facial hair is gone..."

I am a pcos patient and trying to conceive and I didn't want to take metformin or clomid so I stopped taking them after 6 months. I was searching something ayurvediwise to treat pcos , and that's how I came across your advice. Now I am ovulating and facial hair is gone. Thank you for the help.

-Lorna Lundin


Valuable and safe alternative to the conventional hormonal therapy in managing functional menstrual disorders.

-Dr. Preeti Dubey, M.D., DGO., Associate Professor, Dept. of Obesterics & Gynecology. G.S.V.M. Medical College, Kanpur

"Made a lot of difference to my confidence and self image"

I had my periods on August 10th. Thank you very much for helping me. It has made a lot of difference to my confidence and self image. Warm regards,

-Ann Mary Emmanuel

"Helped me to get pregnant"

I suffered from endometriosis and PCOS. Herbal medicines recommended from your website helped me to get pregnant. Thank you!

-Mozelle Tighe

"Finally, relief"

Hello Dr. Nair, I would like to thank you for helping me to finally get relief for my PCOS!

-Patricia E. Moreno

"Dropped 20 pounds...
...have good sexual drive
and no depression"

I was diagnosed with PCOS due to high testosterone. I used to weigh 20 pounds less about 2 years ago during the time of my diagnosis. During these two years I have had a miscarriage and my cycle is totally irregular. Now after 9 months of PCOS Relief it has helped me a lot to gain confidence because I have regular cycles with good flow, dropped those 20 pounds, have good sexual drive and no depression. Thank you for your help.

-P Patel San Jose USA

"Losing weight and
unwanted hair"

My 13 year old daughter has PCOS. Your PCOS Relief is good because now she has regular cycles and without cramps or diarrhea. She is losing weight & unwanted hair. Thank you!

-Eloise, Manchester, UK

"Shed 40lbs and overall health
has improved"

I've had PCOS for more than 20 years and gained a lot of weight, became prediabetic, had trouble sleeping, was gluten intolerant and my thyroid was enlarged. I also had acne and hair on my face. I'm only 38. Since I trusted in PCOS Relief I've have shed 40lbs and overall health has improved. Sleep is now normal. Thanks.

-Ilana Pembina USA

"Help with insulin resistance
and weight loss"

I have suffered from acne, obesity and hair loss for many years. I have been on a birth control pills since I was 15 (I am now 40) to control mainly the acne. I have 2 children and did not suffer from infertility at all when trying to conceive. I exercise 6 days a week and try to eat a low carb diet, with 5 small meals throughout the day. Although I LOVE anything sweet, I have cut those down to almost nil, still I wasn't loosing much weight at all and hoped your remedy would help with insulin resistance and weight loss. My mother is diabetic, and both grandmothers were also diabetic. I started PCOS Relief two months ago and it has helped a lot to lose weight. Thanks for your assistance.

-Vanessa Omaha, USA

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For quality and purity and exceeds all standards of World Health Organization


he PCOS Relief special processing removes impurities and ensures all nutrients are completely fresh, so you can order and store 6 months or more supply to save money.

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